Who we are

Owned and run by Business NZ, the Buy NZ Made Campaign began in 1988. You're probably familiar with the kiwi in the triangle tag? Its been around since we started and is iconic for representing products that are home-made and home-grown.

The Buy New Zealand Campaign is about encouraging people to buy and sell NZ made products. Not just in New Zealand either, we're talking exporting and taking our great products and brands to the world. So pretty much World Domination.

Buy NZ Made

The concept is an easy one to sell. Kiwis love NZ made products and most prefer to buy them too. We're guessing if you're here reading this then you feel the same - so join us in the campaign and show pride in Aotearoa. You're not only buying great, high-quality products, you're promoting growth and job opportunities within your country.

Campaign Structure

The Buy NZ Made campaign is owned by BusinessNZ.

BusinessNZ - the voice of business

BusinessNZ is New Zealand's largest advocacy group for enterprise, and champions policies leading to:

  • international competitiveness
  • balanced employment, economic and environmental legislation
  • compliance and tax levels that foster growth and investment
  • innovation and skill development
  • an environment fostering the production of high value goods and services

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Become a member and receive a 20% discount of your Buy NZ Made membership fee!

By joining the regional business organisation in your area, you automatically become a member of BusinessNZ.

Your regional business organisation can provide advocacy, human resource help, legal representation, health and safety advice, training, relevant publications, many discounts and benefits, and help with many business issues including employment agreements, occupational health and safety, industrial relations, employee relations and other membership benefits.

Larger companies are able to take part in MCG (Major Companies Group) forums on business issues for presentation to key decision makers. 

In addition, larger companies are also able to take part in the SBC( Sustainable Business Council) work programme, advancing a business-centric platform for sustainable business leadership. 

Industry associations gain the benefit of BusinessNZ's advocacy work through membership of the BusinessNZ Affiliated Industries Group. Members of an Affiliated Industry group also receive a 20% discount of their Buy NZ Made membership

Show your pride when you purchase!