What is NZ Made?

NZ Made

Unlike Australian law, New Zealand does not specify exact proportions of material or labour content to determine if a product is NZ Made. So, working out if a product is NZ Made can be tricky, and unfortunately we can't give you a precise formula which will prescribe exactly which products fit the bill.

What we can do is give you these guidelines and considerations for what constitutes New Zealand made:

  • For a clothing item, where is it actually changed from a fabric into a garment?
  • For a food item, where is the essential character of the food created?
  • For a manufactured product, is it substantially manufactured in New Zealand? Where was the critical componentry manufactured? Are any significant stages of manufacture carried out overseas?

The test as to whether a made in New Zealand claim breaches the Act is based on whether such a claim is likely to be misleading to New Zealand consumers.

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