'Kiwi in the triangle' logo

The 'stylised kiwi' logo is available for and used by members of the Buy NZ Made Campaign. The stylised kiwi signifies that a product or service is 'NZ Made' according to the rules of the Fair Trading Act.

Members are free to change the colours of the logo to suit their branding, so you will see the logo in a variety of colours and styles. The logo is recognised by 95% of New Zealanders and due to increased use on exports, many other countries now know what it means.

Current/New Buy NZ Made Logo Information

  • Please note the below images are low resolution only.
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  • For those already signed up, check out the variations available below, then login to start downloading artwork and ordering stickers and tags.
  • To view the history of the NZ Made logo and how it has been developed over the years, click here



Small Black Rectangle

Buy NZ Made

This new style logo in the small rectangle shape, makes it easier for smaller products to be labelled as "NZ Made"


Small Red white and Blue Rectangle

NZ Made Logo

The same style is also available in colour


Large Rectangle

Rounded NZ Made Rounded NZ Made

The new logo has been designed to be as flexible as possible. 

Although the primary outline will always be the triangle, other shapes can also be incorporated when needed.


New Zealand Made Triangle - Black

New black

We will always keep as close as we can to our traditional triangular artwork.  This is a modern uptake of our original logo.


New Zealand Made Trianlge - Red, White and Blue


Again, still in keeping with our traditional logo and colours but with a modern twist.


NZ Grown Label

NZ Grown

Developed to fill the need in our agriculture, farming and seafood industries to label produce, meat, fish and dairy with country of origin labelling. The logo represents products that are 100% NZ Grown products.


Love Christchurch

The Love Christchurch brand is free to use for all Christchurch based companies. To download this artwork, click here